1967 Gibson EB-3 Rosby Custom Bass
I bought this bass as an original in 1972.
In 1981 I refinished it as you see it, including
Schaller tuners, DiMarzio Model 1 neck pickup,
and Leo Quan BadAss bridge.
It was my one bass until March of 2006,
and I am primarily a bass player.

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The following images are examples of what my bass looked like before
the modifications I made in 1981. The Cherry finish is what was on my
bass, but my bass also had the finger rest on the pickguard like the
Walnut one does. Note that I moved the finger rest above the strings
as a thumb rest. Neither of these examples show the palm rest (chrome
guard over the strings midway between the pickups), but both show the
screw holes where it would have been attached, one above the strings,
one directly opposite the strings shared with the pickguard.

And, yes, my rectangular case is original, a Gibson Deluxe.

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