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Fire and Brimstone

Armalite AR10A4C .308 16 inch (1) (2) (3) (4)

Marlin 1895XLR 45-70 Stainless 24 inch

Link to National Rifle Association

Link to Marlin Firearms

Link to ArmaLite Gun Mfg

Link to Barrett Gun Mfg

Link to Smith & Wesson Firearms

S&W 629PC .44Mag

Link to Colt Firearms

Colt 1911 Rail

Link to CheaperThanDirt

Link to Dillon Precision Reloading

Link to Buffalo Bore Ammo
extra umph in 45-70 cartridges

Link to Garrett Cartridges
extra umph in 45-70 cartridges

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