1978 Jeep Cherokee WT
"White Buffalo"

401 V8, TH400 Auto, Dana 20 Transfer Case
The original engine was a 360 V8 with T-18 Manual Trans

The tires are:
Pirelli All Terrain
size: 32x11.5/15

Another real hard working beast. Plenty of strength
in all categories (top speed, ~95 mph).

It now has a snow blade attached to the front,
so the name has changed to "White Buffalo With Blade".

Out and about in the back yard!

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My Previous Ride
1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
"Blade Runner" aka "Wedgie"

In September of 1999, I was heading north on I-25, and had just left Castle Rock (roughly half way between Colorado Springs and Denver). There is an overpass there called "Happy Canyon". I was in the fast lane with a big truck just ahead in the slow lane with a small white car right behind it. That little white car all of a sudden darted into my lane to get around the truck. I had to hit my brakes, and when I did, my Jeep lost traction at all four wheels. I was still pointed down the freeway, but was moving at an angle toward the side of the road. It hit the onramp and went airborn (left the ground). It then began to roll sideways (still in the air) until it was upside down as it went over a 30 ft. drop off. It landed on the passenger side hood and roof and slid for about 30 feet. As it slid, with no more windshield, the interior got plenty of dirt.

I climbed out through the driver door window, not a lot of room for me and my belly. I had only a bump on the back of my head and a small bruise on my shin. I replaced this FSJ with the one above.

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