1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT

351C w/ 4bbl heads (1970), Holley 650 Double Pumper,
Headers, RUG 4 speed, Hurst competition shifter,
Ford 9" rear w/ 3.50 gears
390 coils up front and 5/16ths - 4 leaf springs in back

Top Speed: Over 150 MPH

Inside Photos

The instrument cluster was custom built by myself
using aluminum angle, redwood and VDO guages.

Future plans call for wood across dash and on a custom
built center console, again by me.


[all images copyright 1998 by Roy C. Sigsbey, all rights reserved]

This vehicle was a mechanical mess when I acquired it. The rear axle was so noisy you couldn't hear the radio, at least two of the lobes on the cam were flat, and there were NO brake parts on the rear axle!

On the day I purchased it, I drove it (Wow it runs!, ha ha), straight to the auto shop and had the rear axle replaced, the engine overhauled, emergency brake system installed, and the front suspension rebuilt.

I should have had the electrical system replaced too! About a year later the engine spun a rod bearing from driving to Denver with inadequate cooling and oil pressure. The dash had been cludged together and as such, the instruments weren't giving correct readings. Now you know why the custom instrument cluster (although I never did like the factory design anyway).

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