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I was born 30 July, 1953 in Mojave, California, near Edwards AFB where they do all that testpilot stuff. I'm 5' 9" and 230 lbs. I lived for a while in Melbourne, FL, Huntsville, AL, Long Beach, CA (Kindergarten), and then San Jose, CA, (through the 4th grade) and then moved to Houston, TX, where I grew up around the Johnson Space Center and all that NASA stuff.

After playing French Horn in Junior High, 1967, I took up Bass Guitar and played in Rock-n-Roll bands until 1983 (17 years). I also played keyboards, guitars, harmonica, sang, and wrote both music and lyric. It was a lot of fun, but there was never much money in it.

As a teenager, I had the usual Hamburger jockey type jobs and worked as a carpenter's helper framing houses. I also worked as an auto mechanic for a while. Somewhere in here I joined the US Navy and played at that for about three years as a Machinist Mate 3rd Class.

I got my first job at NASA in 1977 as a shop technician for a contract firm that produced Engineering Prototypes, models and other such gizmos for the Astronauts and engineers to test and train with.

During this latter stuff, I worked days, and went to junior college at night and completed an Associates Degree in Computer Science. I then got a job as a associate Computer Programmer. I then went nights to the University of Houston at Clear Lake (near NASA) and completed a bachelors degree and two years of post-graduate work also in computer software and graphics. Once my bachelors degree was done, I became a full programmer and got a nice raise to go with it.

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In 1985 I got a chance to move to Colorado Springs. I was there 17 years, in spite of lack of steady jobs and lots of layoffs. I loved the weather and landscape there. I lived in a 2600 sq. ft. house on 5 forested acres, with all God's creatures of the forest paying an occasional visit. I lost my house in Colorado after being out of work for two whole years, unbelievable, what a country. My heart will always remain in Colorado, it's just that beautiful. I hope to return there, and sooner than later would be preferred. Perhaps when I retire.
My Viking Costume 2009
Viking Warlord

I was in Reno, Nevada, after being homeless for over a year. The job there at Bally was good and Reno was Ok for weather and Lake Tahoe is quite pretty. I managed to stay at the same job there for pretty much 10 years.

Things changed at Bally and they turned me loose in June, 2013. I moved to Round Rock, Texas, part of the north Austin metro area. I moved myself here to be closer to family and find a job. After a couple months, I found a job at Oceaneering as a contractor. It lasted 11 months. Now I'm unemployed again, living on my savings and social security. I have yet to check out the music scene here, but I hear its the best.

I still play music at home (I have a personally produced CD), but the studio will be a while in returning. I watch movies, or play games on my computer, read fantasy novels, and occasionally go cruisin.

I recently published my fantasy novel. For more info on it go here:

"Lo there, do I see my father- Lo there do I see my mother and my sister and my brothers - Lo there I do see the line of my people back to the beginning - Lo they do call to me - they bid me to take my place among them - in the hallowed halls of Valhalla - where the brave shall live forever!" ~ Viking liturgy
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